Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spirtuality Yes / Church No?

Jesus Yes - Church No

I work within the IT industry and specifically as a computer programmer. Although it is always somewhat dubious to “extend” one’s limited perspective “onto” others it seems that many people in the IT industry with whom I work and associate do not accept any of the canonical gospel’s accounts of what Jesus proclaimed.

Consequently, my experience with the people I tend to work with and share a professional life with is a decided “Jesus NO!”

Furthermore, the churches of various denominations have all been embroiled in varying degrees of turmoil. These range from sex scandals that have been covered up through to evangelists who seem more concerned about using donations to fund their own life styles rather than helping the poor, needy and outcast.

Consequently, my experience here with the people I tend to work with and share a professional life with is a decided “Church NO!” and sometimes worse “I wish it never existed.”

Spirituality Yes - Church No

I must say that people within the IT industry seem quite impervious to spirituality and religion including Christianity. Those who are either tend to lie low. This may be because people in the IT industry tend to consider themselves somewhat more rational than others - something I would contend is not actually true - and tend to rely more on some form of scientific method to determine what happens in the world.

This “scientific method” appears to be “any method not involving spirituality or religion.”

That said, if I were to expand into my acquaintances there is some truth to this matter. Understanding “church” as “Christian church” (as opposed to, say a Buddhist Temple), most of my friends do have some form of spiritual beliefs or at least respect the spiritual beliefs of others.

But most of them are quick to point out the church’s shortcomings.

Where do I sit? I’m the odd guy in the IT industry who likes to have a Bible (or two) sitting on his desk, who isn’t afraid to patiently discuss what being Christian means to me with my fellow colleagues and who isn’t of the fundamentalist, bible bashing, I am always right variety.


Leon RJ Brooks said...

The statement "I am always right" is guaranteed to be incorrect. (-: QED :-)

Someone who asserts that they are the end result of a colossal chain of staggeringly unlikely coincidences is exercising considerably more faith than any Christian (or the Dalai Lama, or anyone else I know of).

Grant said...

And there are those who believe maybe we don't have all the answers.

There may be more of us than you think. I know there are other christians in my office.

There are a reasonable number of reasonably militant atheists in the tech circles I've noticed.