Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well, I've decided to start writing some interactive fiction. I know how to write it in Inform 6 which is an imperative, somewhat procedural and sort of object oriented programming language. That said, I program this type of stuff all day so I wanted something different.

So I'm going to write it in Inform7 which is a natural language based programming language. It can be somewhat clumsy but it is a very interesting way to write this type of stuff.

Here's a sample room:

The Parlour is a room. "A plain parlour."

Here's an object in the room:

The comb is here. "A small, grey comb lies on the floor here." The description of the comb is "It's a small, grey comb. A small inscription tells you it is made by 'Calvin Klein'."

It's really quite simple and interesting. I shall see where it takes me.