Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chapter One - How I Started Work as a Full-Time Project Manager

A chapter in my life has ended - I am once again a freelance contractor rather than a permanent member of the workforce. I guess I should write a little bit about what happened...

I had been working for a company called Bull Media - this link may still be valid. I'd started working at Bull Media about 3 years ago now and had first contracted to determine if it was feasible to synchronise a Moregroupware Calendar against a Palm Pilot.

Time went by and it transpired that the person who had introduced me to the company moved on to do chase his own dreams and I moved on to become the project manager (well, at least that's the title I liked to give myself). In that role, I worked with 3-6 other developers concentrating on a groupware product based on the Moregroupware web-application.

After about 3 months it was clear that I could fulfil the role...

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