Saturday, May 27, 2006

Linux User Groups

Ever since about 1993 I have been a member -- for want of a better description -- of the LinuxSA User Group. The group was set up many years ago to provide a community, technical focus for Linux users in South Australia.

That said, recently I've decided to take a small break. Many reasons there are, however I will allude to one of them: I will not at this point in time be a member of a group that supports people who I deem to be fundamentalist, right wing red necks.

There's a small discussion between me and another member about whether the group supports such people or not. On a technicality, it does not; the majority of the group doesn't support the majority of these people's views.

But these people are still apparently free to spread their views about the place.

Guilty by association it is, at the moment. I have better things in my life than to listen to these types of people. Sure, to be fair I can be an annoying, cranky bastard -- many picture me as a grumpy old man -- but I have actually done many useful things for Linux in South Australia.

And I would defend the statement: DSL (aka lloy0076) has done more things for Linux in South Australia than all LinuxSA's rednecks combined.

That's my post for the day. I wish 1PM would hurry up, going out for Yum Cha and I haven't had breakfast.

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